• Covid-19 IgM Ab Rapid Test

    The COVID-19IgM Ab Rapid Test is used to detect the Novel Corona Virus-19 IgM Antibody in serum / plasma / whole blood qualitatively. It is based on the principle of immunochromatographic test and uses capture method to detect the COVID-19 IgM antibody in the sample.
  • KN95 Mask

    The KN95 safety masks provide lightweight, effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory protection against viruses, dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc.
  • Single Use Protective Clothing

    These disposable coveralls are perfect for spray painting, medical isolation and other tasks where you expect things to get messy and you want to be covered from head to toe. They're made from a breathable Non woven.
  • Safety Glasses

    These safety goggles with PET waterproof, shockproof lenses and soft large frame can block fluid splash, dust, wind and ensure safety in your work.
  • Disposable nitrile latex gloves

    Disposable gloves for medical use or laboratory. The disposable home gloves are made of nitrile rubber material, high quality, non-toxic, aseptic, healthy to use. Reasonable thickness, good touch feeling, good flexibility, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, anti bacteria. Ideal for home household cleaning use, sanitary inspection, food industry, chemical industry etc.
  • Mascarilla FFP3

    Respiratory protective devices. Filtering half mask to protect against particles. The model incorporates an exhalation valve.  
  • Disposable Face Masks

    Disposable Face Mask for respiratory infection symptoms.  
  • CTC85

    ESPECIFICACIONES TÉCNICAS ​ Peso Neto: 12,5 Kg Peso con Caja: 14,5 Kg Dimensiones: 108x43x114 cm Velocidad Máxima: 25 Km/h Autonomía: 25 Km Tamaño Rueda: 8’5’ Peso Máximo de Carga: 120 Kg Tipo de Batería: Litio-ion 5.2aH Tiempo de Carga: 3-4 horas Potencia Motor: 350W Freno: Electrónico Suspensión: Trasera Plegable Batería extraíble
  • Patinete eléctrico HON 5.5

    ESPECIFICACIONES TÉCNICAS ​Peso Neto: 8 Kg Peso con Caja: 11 Kg Dimensiones: 101,5 x 42 x 100 cm Dimensiones Caja: 101,5 x 42 x 91 cm Velocidad Máxima: 20 Km/h Autonomía: 12 Km Tamaño Rueda: 5.5’’ Peso Máximo de Carga: 100 Kg Tipo de Batería: Litio‐ion 25V 4.0Ah Tiempo de Carga: 2‐3 horas Potencia Motor: 250W Freno: Electrónico y de mecánico de pie Luz: Frontal Led Plegable